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Kenmore Rugby signs with Deefort Sports as club kit supplier

The Kenmore Rugby Club is proud to announce that they have signed a three-year agreement with Deefort Sports that makes Deefort the exclusive club kit supplier for Kenmore Rugby teams thru 2024.

In exchange for agreeing to purchase team kit and club gear from Deefort Sports and their local representative Front Row Outfitters, Deefort will supply the club with two sets of their signature sublimated jerseys over the course of the agreement. These are in addition to the two new sets purchased by the club last season.

Deefort will also provide the Kenmore Rugby Club with an online club shop that will be open several times a year where players, parents, and friends of Kenmore Rugby can purchase the latest Kenmore Rugby shirts, shorts, outerwear and more. the club's first online shop of 2022 is open now thru March 31st and can be found at

Deefort Sports issued the following statement about the agreement:

"Deefort Sports and Front Row Outfitters are proud to announce our newest Ambassador Club member. The Kenmore Rugby club has a rich history on and off the pitch and we are proud to partner with a club that considers their teammates as family!"

Kenmore Rugby Club administrator Fred Bressette added

"The jerseys and other team wear from Deefort is high quality and was a big hit with the players and their families last season. We're excited to continue our relationship with Deefort for another three years."

To find out more about Deefort Sports, visit them on the web at or visit them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @deefortsports.


Founded in 2004, the Kenmore Rugby Club is WNY's oldest and largest youth and high school rugby club with over 100 active players in grades K-12.

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