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A New Era of Kenmore Rugby

The leaders of Kenmore Rugby Club set to work this summer on identifying our vision, mission, and core values. This was a fulfilling experience for us and we are proud to announce those to you all.

Our Vision To develop courageous leaders and connect them with opportunities to serve their community.

Our Mission We will accomplish this vision through our Mission:

  • The Kenmore Rugby Club strives to develop our athletes’ character and shape them into leaders.

  • Through rugby, we will instill in our players a sense of courage, empathy, and passion for the game and for their teammates.

  • By celebrating both individual and team successes, our club will give players the tools to grow into the best versions of themselves on the pitch and in their lives.

Our Values

  • Courage: The ability to be honest with oneself and others, holding yourself and others accountable to one’s standards and values, the ability to express vulnerability and ask for help, the ability to make difficult decisions, and the ability to receive and give feedback with others that are consistent with one’s values.

  • Growth: A mindset based in humility and focused on progress; striving to find opportunities to improve one’s skills and relationships, and committing to the necessary work to make incremental gains.

  • Empathy: Connecting to, and respecting, the experiences and emotions of others and oneself; being able to take others’ perspective, greeting others and oneself with compassion and respect, and the ability to communicate your understanding, compassion, and respect.

  • Passion: The ability to express one’s authentic self, express enthusiasm and joy, and wholeheartedly dedicate oneself to a purpose, and have fun while doing it.

Director of Rugby and High School Boys Head Coach Mackenzie Doolittle reflected on what these guiding principles mean for the future of the club:

"We are incredibly proud of the vision, mission, and values we have identified. We will hold these as our North Star in all of our decision making, in our best effort to help your child become the best version of themselves, and to help grow The Club into its best version. With this vision in mind, and by incorporating, it is my opinion that the club will have new opportunities to make a positive impact on student-athletes, reach more families in our community, and provide high quality rugby. Thank you in advance for your ongoing support of Kenmore Rugby Club. I speak for the entire coaching staff and administration when I say that I cannot wait to see what this next chapter of Kenmore Rugby is going to bring us." - Mackenzie Doolittle

For questions or more information regarding our Vision, Mission, or Values, please email us at

Kenmore Rugby Club team logo

Founded in 2004, the Kenmore Rugby Club is WNY's oldest and largest youth & high school rugby club with over 100 active players in grades K-12.

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