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Varsity Rugby at Nazareth College

A message from Nazareth College Men's Rugby Head Coach Taye Daniel-Ayibiowu:


My name is Taye Daniel-Ayibiowu, also known as Coach T, and I am the Sports Club Coordinator and Head Coach of the new Men's Varsity Rugby program at Nazareth College in Rochester, New York.

I'm Looking forward to working with you and the rugby community and build a connection between Nazareth and Kenmore for years to come.

Here's information on the college and rugby program. Nazareth men's varsity rugby is a brand new program set to begin competing in Fall 2019. The 2018-2019 seasons will be spent evaluating and recruiting student-athletes inside and outside U.S. in efforts to form a varsity team. The goal is to bring in talented players, including those with little or no rugby experience, establish a culture and foundation, with the goal of building upon it every year.

I've attached information that will give you an in-depth look into Nazareth college and the rugby program. Please feel free to share it with friends, Student-Athletes and parents. Also, please connect me with the contacts and any connections you have. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Coach T

Nazareth Rugby - Plan in Motion (MS-Word)

Nazareth College Open House Presentation (PDF)

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